Fleur Japonais is inspired by the revered Cherry blossoms of Japan.  The Sakura season is a celebration of life as the pink flowers embrace the temples of Kyoto. 
The parfum is a heavenly composition of ephemeral Cherry blossoms, intoxicating Magnolia flowers, Frankincense, Labdanum and Sandalwood.  
Fleur Japonais reaches for the heavens as the pink flowers merge with the ethereal smoke from the woods and resins.
In Japanese culture there is an association between the Sakura and the Samurai – the flower and the man. They are both admired for their fleeting beautiful lives.  It is believed that the soul of the Samurai lives in the Sakura.
Clouds of pink caressing your face. The delicate fragrance of Cherry blossoms scents the air.  The temple bells chime softly as the soft scent of the fragrance floats like pink petals caressing the earth.