I had the pleasure to meet Master Perfumer Maurice Roucel, we instantly connected with the desire to create Parfums of lasting beauty. 

I desired to create the most exquisite Tuberose and Neroli parfum using only the finest naturals. Tuberoses are my favorite flowers of childhood. As a child I would go into the garden at night to inhale them by the moonlight.  My first memory of Neroli was arriving in Seville in the evening hours. The scent of orange blossoms permeated the city. 

This was the beginning of Shalini Parfum.

 Maurice is receptive and enthusiastic towards my desire for the most opulent parfums composed of the rarest, purest essences.   Maurice has the soul of an artist. 

 Shalini, our eponymous parfum is the first in the series based on the moods and passions of the soul.  The series now has six exquisite parfums which are considered Modern Masterpieces.